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General Podiatry / Chiropody Treatment
and Home Visits

General Podiatry / Chiropody Treatment £40

A general podiatry / chiropody treatment includes nail cutting, removal of any hard skin (callus) and corns. Treatment of dry cracked heels and finishing off with a moisturising foot massage. Regular Chiropody Treatments will keep your feet in tip top condition.

Verruca Treatment £40 (Includes initial diagnosis and Treatment)

Verruca are plantar warts that affect the feet and are caused by a HPV virus. Verruca can be painful when walking and can cause discomfort. Verruca treatments normally consist of a course of treatments.
The Podiatrist will diagnose the Verruca on initial assessment and recommend the best treatments available usually consisting of an application of caustic and keratolytic treatments such as Salicylic acid that is a stronger concentration than is available to buy over the counter.

Follow up Verruca chemical Treatments £35

Home Visits £45

At Feet First we are pleased to provide home visits for clients who prefer to be treated in the comfort of their own home and for clients who find it difficult to get to clinic. To book a home visit please ring the clinic and request a home visit appointment.

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