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Ingrown toenails can be very painful and people may be reluctant to seek treatment. However, Ingrown toenails should be treated promptly as the condition can worsen the longer it is left. This is due to the ingrown portion of the nail pressing deeper into the skin at the side of the affected toenail causing pain and often infection.

Often ingrown toenails can be treated conservatively (removing a small spicule of the nail) without the need for nail surgery. However, if the ingrown toenail does not improve with conservative treatment then your podiatrist may advise nail surgery.
Nail surgery avulsion is a simple procedure provided at both clinical sites and usually requires a 30/45 minute appointment.

Prior to nail surgery a medical assessment is carried out by the podiatrist and the procedure is fully explained. A nail surgery information sheet is then issued to the client. Lisa, our podiatrist is happy to discuss any concerns/queries at the pre assessment appointment so please just ask.

Nail surgery procedure £375 - £450
  • Nail surgery involves administering a local anaesthetic to the affected toe.
  • Once the toe is fully numb the affected nail portion/or whole toenail is removed.
  • The nail bed matrix is then treated with a chemical called phenol which stops the nail from growing back.
  • The affected toe is then dressed with sterile dressings.
  • Return appointments are then arranged for the Podiatrist to monitor the healing of the toe.
  • The patient is issued with sterile dressings to redress the toe at home and issued with aftercare advice.
  • The toe usually takes 6-10 weeks to heal completely.
Please contact your podiatrist for further advice/treatment

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